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I had the most wonderful prac experience. My mentor was supportive , provided me with endless hints and information and i was in the end sad to go after finally settling in. Reflecting back on the course and prac there is a huge gap. It sounds all great this technology in the classroom and certainly by having the correct pedagogical approach it would be worthwhile implementing into the class. But then there is reality. Not all schools are equipped, not all schools have the ability to have interactive whiteboards in every classroom, computers for every child, cameras or ipads. Then there is the connection my classroom did not have wireless connection and the connection to the classroom was shaky in the best of times. Many times my work was slow to load or dropped out which makes using the resource unreliable. there was one lesson that i had to abandon as it just wasn’t worthwhile waiting and wasting the learning time. The other consideration is the time and also the ability of the teacher. Many teachers are not familiar or don’t have the time to be familiar with many of the ict platforms. This leads me to my reflection  of the course and prac. As an upcoming teacher in the following year i really do aim to be kept up to date with technology because there are so many wonderful resources that can expand the students   knowledge and understanding and secondly i now see the importance of having the balance and connection to a right fit pedagogical approach of ict. Ensuring that ict is there for the support and expansion of development and not just fluffing.

Wendy reflects on her prac experience on the benefits of sharing resources and how teaching is about being a part of a team to benefit the development of the students and not a competition between teachers and i do agree. To read Wendy’s blog click here. Through the course many student’s have shared the resources they have found and it has been great , some i have filed away for future references. Jennifer has been one fellow student who has shared resources throughout the semester. Jennifer has just shared the tool Instagrok a search engine for students to read more about this great resource go to Jennifer’s blog click here.


My mentor teacher is a teacher who has been teaching for over 20 years and is shaky when it comes to ict  and it is not that she is not willing to implement new ict  platform it is teh time constraint to learn them well enough to implement them . The school policy has just begun to stat that all teachers must have an EdStudio site that student’s can access. I worked with my mentor it set up an edstudio site and went to an after school workshop . I can say that having developed numerous websites  for university the edstudio was similar and i had no trouble adding and changing the sites where as it was all new to my mentor. But that is the difference i work with ict daily for university and the teacher does not. Having an understanding of the use of edstudio i have now begun to design my own and i ma having a great time.

Rachel was another student which had a great prac to read about her experience using ict in the classroom go to her blog, click here.

Overall i liked this course , the work was huge and it was very time consuming but at the same time it was enjoyable  and i will walk away with a new respect for ict as a learning tool and i have a better understanding of the planning necessary to ensure authentic purposeful integration into the classroom.

Using ICT on prac was scarry for some studetns , other students were not able to integrate any and some had a free range. My experience  on prac was taht there was limited resources and limited opportunity and i felt that what i did implement was purposeful and suited the content and the objective. Althou there was one smartboard in the school my teacher has never used  it and it seemed not many teachers new how. Mrs V had hands on expereince using the interactive whiteboard and although it may have tested her she succeeded congratulations , i am yet to even see one working . To read Mrs V ‘s blog using a smartboard click here.

Janine a fellow student has commented that although there is benefit for technology in the early years play based learning is more important. to read Janine’s post click here KinderBytes

Finally reflecting on the experience has made me consolidate some information from the course. Firstly a toolbelt is  a fantastic way to make sure you can cater for the students. Click here to read more about developing your own toolbelt . Secondly blogs are a great way to share resources. teachers are supposed to work together to develop and cater for the students it is not a competition as another student said. Finally each step taken is a step forward in learning and learning is progress. Will i continue my blog maybe when i have a classroom as it is time consuming but therapeutic. I will develop my own edstudio and i will keep reading blogs.

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