Interactive whiteboard topic discussion

An interactive whiteboard is made up of three pieces of equipment an interactive whiteboard, digital projector and a computer.

To use an interactive whiteboard you are able to use an interactive pen or simply touch the screen as you would if you were using a mouse. Using an interactive whiteboard allows interaction between the learning and the students in differ ways such as a whole class environment, rotation, while it provide the ability of the teacher to observe interaction and encourage collaboration with students in many tasks. The resource is effective in engaging students through a variety of formats to connect and extends students learning.

IWB allow teachers with all digital abilities to easily integrate the use of an iwb within the classroom. Visual electronic aids which connect data from the computer to the whiteboard which students and teachers can thane interact with.

IWB are been hailed as the new resource to engage, motivate and enhance student learning. The benefits also aid in lesson planning and differentiation. By using the digital resource it is hoped that educators can maintain a dynamic interaction with the whole class, and provide a whole class learning environment creating a collaborative environment.

There are many uses with an IWB   to intrinsically and extrinsically motivate the children to learn but it is also a way to manage behaviour and reach a range of learning style such as hearing impaired, ASD, tactile learner, visually impaired and the special needs students.


As a teacher there is benefit in shortening task time through an integrative resource that both students and teachers are able to use, the students will be more interested in learning creating motivation for teachers to learn how to use a iwb and the available resources and finally teachers are able to store notes and create a collection of material to be use in subsequent lessons or following years.


To read more about the benefits and research into iwb in classroom visit read the information called interactive whiteboards and learning click here.

As a preservice teacher I am yet to come across an iwb most classrooms I have been in have a whiteboard and a projector. I will be looking forward to seeing an IWB in use soon I hope. It makes me think that once I am a teacher if there is one in a classroom will I be able to use it. I found this blog which created a list of hints and shortcuts for using an iwb. Click here to read them at elearn.

There are also some fantastic apps out there that allow you to plan activities or presentations on your ipad which then can be connected to the interactive whiteboard. Such as Splashtop whiteboard. Splashtop whiteboard allows the ipad to be Wi-Fi connected to the iwb, allowing the teacher to interact with the students and take the lesson from anywhere in the classroom , asking the students to annotate  over anything displayed in the iwb from the ipad. Check out splashtop whiteboard click here. There are many more app such as Educreations interactive whiteboard or show me interactive whiteboard. To see all the apps visit this site by clicking here Best interactive whiteboard apps

You may also need an adaptor to connect to the iwb in some cases which costs under $50 might be well worth an investment. It is called a smart board VGA adaptor. Visit the ipad academy for more information click here.


Mrs Poulter a fellow student has also blogged about the use of interactive whiteboards including 13 great reasons to use an iwb in a classroom. Click

While fellow student Emma Smolenaers has written a blog on the use of iwb from and early year perspective. Click here to read Emma’s blog


I am yet to see an interactive whiteboard in action but after doing all the research I am eager to find a classroom using one to its best ability. My only concern is that with so much technology how many teachers are taking the time to have development in this area. It is all well and good to have an IWB in the classroom but the teachers need to be able to use them. Are the schools instructing teachers or offering professional development? My prac school has one for the whole school, and it is a large school so I was quiet surprised that they are not in the classrooms. My teacher has never used it, and although she said I am welcome to have play and practice, there is no time in-between teaching.



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