ict on prac

Prac is getting closer and i am beginning to wonder what i will be doing , what the children will be like and essentially how i will go implementing ict into the learning. My first question will be what are the children learning and then what resources do you have. The school i have been to previously have not had very much access to resources so i am wondering if this will be so for this school. Secondly if the resources a not available ho can i possibly be marked for not implementing them. This is my greatest area of concern as the final assessment needs to contain information and lesson plans of how i have effectively integrated ict. I am unsure how i feel with this at the moment as i believe not all schools are equally equipped. Yes ict is a variety of things from computers to digital devices but i am freaking a bit on my creativity.

Fellow student MrsV  has had similar thoughts to mine that as you gain more experience there are resources available to help you guide  and plan your lessons and that is the same as integrating ict. To read Mrs V’s blog click here.

While Mrs Frintzilas wrote an interesting post about teh 5 characteristics of  good teaching and learning with ICTs that i will consider when planning my lessons on prac. To read these head to Mrs Frintzilas’s blog ckick here.

While working on my previous assignment  i did sign up to  newsletter which often provides some good advice and a great blog and interesting article regarding ict within education. Partnership for the 21st century skills has a huge amount of information that would recommend other people to read and join. There are helpful insights and interesting ways that ict can be integrated  to view the website click here

Also i would recommend to head to the 21st Century Fluency project where once again you can obtain valuable information as it where educators provide blogs and experiences to create learning information for the 21st century. Click here to head to the 21st Century fluency project


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