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As i work through this assignment , i begin to see resources that are unfolding before me that i have never heard of. Firstly the course Diigo site has been amazing with students suggesting great sites and resources.

Since i am now a “blogger” i have found that i am immersed in the blogging world and there are some amazing blogs out there by teachers giving hints, lessons, reflections and of course resources that they use. To be truthful i was a bit skeptical about the whole networking via blogging but now that we are in week 4 it all is starting to make sense.  Firstly i am able to watch and comment on fellow student’s blogs and then they read mine . But by reading other blogs it is often when i stumble across new links and information and so the network grows. Especially in ICT i have found blogs provide resourceful knowledge as it often from experience and reflection.

I was reading Rachel’s blog recently and she had a whole page on interesting blogs  that she follows from music to male teachers to apps in the classroom. To view Rachel’s blog click here.

On that note i would like to share the blogs i am following at the moment and maybe they might interest you.

David Jones is the ICT lecturer taking this course i find his blog insightful , knowledgeable and up to date –david’s blog

On a e-journey with generation y  is a blog from a teacher who immerses technology into the lessons, Wendy recently  presented at the National Conference for Excellence in  Professional Practice for ACER on the Gold coast. Wendy is intrigued about bridging the gaps by technology –on an e journey blog


Third grade thoughts is a blog from a teacher she provides resources, reflections and ideas –THird grade thoughts blog

Tales of a teachersita is another fave blog providing templates, ideas on lessons and reflections – Tales of a teacherista blog

I could add plenty more but i do not want to over load you, check them out and enjoy !

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